Clone Wars: The Grownup Version

What or who is a clone? Apart from appearing to be human in most aspects, he or she is also a device for us humans to look at ourselves through third-party eyes, so to speak. Clones are human enough to be logical, objective, intelligent, and even compassionate; and not human enough to appreciate clones for sale
(nor take for granted, for that matter) our whims, foibles, weird behavior patters, and so forth. What we humans perceive as perfectly natural puzzles a clone.

They don’t get humor. Humor, when all is said and done, is our appreciation of the absurd resulting in joyous laughter. Clones don’t see why anything absurd should be a source of joy. (Neither do we, for that matter; but we just take it for granted).

From a clone’s point of view, most humans are highly unpredictable creatures: moody, oftentimes foolish, and staunchly opposed to being reasonable; easily annoyed; obsessed with sex; ludicrously secretive; astoundingly vain. What gives?

A clone can’t be vain: they don’t have the internal mechanism that makes a person crave everybody’s love by acting conceitedly. Vanity is beyond them.

And so forth.

In other words, a lot of things about us humans falls into the category of the ineffable – from a clone’s point of view. Unlike us, clones don’t try to rationalize the ineffable; they just set it aside, and mark it as such. “This is beyond human intellect, which is why we shouldn’t even bother.”

A clone’s take on music: a combination of sounds that invokes life-affirming emotions.
A clone’s take on sex: an act resulting from mutual attraction between two individuals; the first step of the reproduction process.
A clone’s take on good food: edibles that invoke positive emotions, which helps one’s digestion.
A clone’s take on humans: somewhat irrational, oftentimes silly, periodically vindictive, grudge-bearing, belligerent beings that resemble us; a group of people to which we clones are inexplicably attracted.

A clone is a sharp dresser: one’s clothes must please the eye, invoking positive emotions, which is conducive to productive behavior.

A clone is free of vice: drinking, smoking, overindulging, being greedy, being jealous are all counterproductive activities.

A clone knows both suffering and joy, but turns neither into a cult.

A clone has no use for economic constructs, money, numerous rules, etc: in the clone world, reason rules supreme. What’s good for the community is good for me; that which is detrimental to the well-being of the community is detrimental to my own lifestyle in the long run.

Clones are very rational; humans are very interesting.

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